WOur specialty and Expertise

Web Design and Development

We have a unique approach to our work, founded on planning and insight development. We take time out to understand the brand, the business objectives and, most importantly, the customer before making recommendations for how we will execute on our strategy.

UI/UX Design

We have a special recipe when it comes to creating a fluid and user friendly user centric design for all of our projects. Understanding your user base analytics, user centric click's and a better understanding of your challenges helps us to create a viable and very powerful UI/UX that will surely enhance your user experience and also create a far more exciting experience for all of your visitors.


We work very closely with our customers to create your brand identity which is the breath and life of your company. We specialize in create very elaborate stories of your brand then work with you to enhance your story which often times reveals another level of your company you often miss in the context of your logo, color, typography and image.


We have a unique approach when it comes to creating interactive and video animations. We love creating dazzling and HD video production projects for all of our clients and we utilize some of the most state of the art green screens, software and our skills in creating whatever you can dream up are endless.

AAbout Nielsn.com - Where Art Meets Code

Nielsn.com better known as Niels Nielsen Design Studio has been crafting and launching websites and branding for over 12 years. We are located in Coeur D Alene, Idaho now for 6 years. Un like most web design firms we are a virtual office which provides us the ability to keep our over head costs to a minimum which bring you a great value when choosing us for your next web or branding project.

WWhat makes us unique

Since we have over 12 years experience we have also thrived in technology and our passion for not only technology and design trends. Our passion for absolutely stunning web real estates and graphic design have made our clients happy for more than 12 years. Our integriety and customer service is the most important aspect of why we exist and why our clients constantly come back to us for all of there projects.