The 1WorldSync Solution

In today's digital world, your product information is one of your most valuable assets. Before your customers and trading partners ever see the physical product, they will have access to the digital information representing it. At 1WorldSync, we help parties throughout the supply chain manage and share accurate product information so that your consumers and trading partners can get answers to their most important questions. We provide easy access to the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions and increase their overall profitability.

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It all starts with a product.

When a product is created or altered (new packaging, updated ingredients, etc.), information about that product is also created. Its product data includes basic information about the product’s physical assets, as well as additional information needed to market the product.

Product data includes:

Internal systems manage this data.

If brand owners were working alone, an internal system would be adequate. But the reality is that many different parties (customers, partners, vendors, e-commerce, and application providers) are using your product information–and they're getting it from a variety of sources. The accuracy of the information they find can directly affect the success of your brand. So, it’s important to ensure that the right product information is getting to your consumers.


  • Ensure the integrity of information reaching your consumers
  • Provide insights to measure the performance of your digital marketing efforts
  • Make it easy for your partners and consumers to get access to product information

Without a single platform to manage
and share product information, data integrity is at risk throughout the supply chain.

We provide trusted product information to e-commerce and application providers to increase value and reduce errors.

In our increasingly digital world, more and more consumers are relying on internet applications to search for products and access product information. When 1WorldSync manages the product information used to populate these apps, e-commerce and application providers can focus on delivering innovative features and functionality rather than sourcing and validating product information.


  • Provide better quality product images/information
  • Experience fewer scanning errors
  • Reduce cost of data aquisition
  • Devote more time to improving the user experience

97% of people report that online experiences influence their purchase decisions.


We’re helping retailers communicate with a common language.

Retailers don’t always get the right product information from their brand owners, and are left with insufficient or incorrect product data to go to market with. This lack of (or incorrect) information, both in stores and online, is confusing for consumers and frustrating for retailers. By helping manage their product data, 1WorldSync helps retailers provide seamless, omni-channel shopping experiences and drive customer loyalty.


  • Create a consistent experience in-store and online
  • Reduce cost of creating product information
  • Ensure customer loyalty by providing a better shopping experience

We’re helping distributors too.

Distributors need the same standardized product information retailers are looking for, especially when it comes to logistical processes. They need to place and fulfill orders to get the right products to their customers at the right time, but they depend on the accuracy of the product data supplied to them. We help them get that information, and we make sure they have accurate product images and marketing materials. Providing easy access to this information at every touch point improves the entire sales process from conception to consumer.


  • Increase efficiencies with accurate product weights and measurements
  • Provide better quality product images/information
  • Maintain brand equity throughout marketing materials
  • Reduce cost of creating product information

With 1WorldSync, you can rest easy, knowing that your consumers will be able to find your product and receive accurate information about it as they make purchasing decisions.

But it doesn’t end there. After a consumer purchases your product, we keep working to provide the insights you need to grow your business.

Let our insights help you get more out of your digital marketing investment.

At 1WorldSync, we are focused on the management and distribution of trusted product data. After all, your product information is one of your most precious assets, and it must be treated as such. Product information not only helps consumers make purchasing decisions, it helps brand owners gain insight into their sales and marketing efforts. With 1WorldSync, you have the opportunity to fully understand how your consumer sees your brand in real time, so that you can adjust your efforts for maximum profitability.


  • Track marketing effectiveness in real time
  • See what products your customers are scanning, searching for, linking to, and sharing — and where
  • See what is being said about your product on social networking channels

Today’s business environment creates a lot of challenges.

At 1WorldSync, we provide the solution.